What people are saying…

It’s early days – it was released just a week ago – but here are the comments so far. If you want to send in your thoughts on the book (by leaving it as a comment on this page), we’ll be sure to include them.

“It is a tremendous read, beautifully written – naturally – and wonderfully packaged. A great psycho map of what was and could have been.” Adrian Burns
“I have been reading your book, being moved, elevated, carried away, driven back, dissected, put back together…” Malgosia Sady (Writer, Artist, Filmmaker.)
“Thomas refuses to call the pieces in this book poetry, says they are not the songs. I really don’t care what you call them, and it’s true that they are unlike anything you’ve ever read before, but what they are are zings, stings, word bullets that tell stories so condensed that your mind changes on every syllable.” Bob Holman,  (Bowery Poetry Club, Author, Publisher, Director of Endangered Language Alliance.)

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