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The Book of Hieroglyphs

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[Book Synopsis]

David Thomas presents a journey through the ghost towns of America. Along county roads, across lost bridges, on the banks of mighty Interstate rivers are places that you don’t know that you know. There’s not a map in the world to tell you where to find them. This is a story of the quest, a story of lives sighted. A Lincoln Continental Town Car races across the face of a neon land, trailing clouds of dust and dogs. The story goes Somewhere and ends Nowhere. It represents a different kind of writing; a form that went into a state of metamorphosis before the time of Homer, emerging from its chrysalis in 1877 as a new creation. A hundred years of maturation followed. The writing is become hieroglyphic.

[Short Bio]

David Thomas is a writer, singer, songwriter, actor, producer and director within the self-proclaimed genre of the Avant-Garage. Founder of two legendary bands, Rocket From The Tombs and Pere Ubu, and a multitude of musical collaborations, including David Thomas and two pale boys, Thomas is credited with rewriting the rules of both popular and experimental music since 1975. He is a musician’s musician.

“Thomas’s gnostic argument – that art exists to at once reveal secrets and to preserve them – makes sense of a particularly American – or modern – form of storytelling.” Greil Marcus, Double Trouble (Faber And Faber, 2000).

[Photo credit for ‘David Thomas Close-up.tif’]

Photo by Robert Allen

[Back Cover Text]

The Book of Hieroglyphs is rock and roll. It does not present stories of drug fuelled debauchery. It is without amusing anecdotes of life on the road. There are no details of the deeply engrossing lives of rock musicians. It is the essence.

David Thomas writes according to the unique narrative architecture that has evolved over the century since Edison invented the phonograph/microphone, and over the decades since Ike Turner recorded ‘Rocket 88’ in 1951.

This is a poetry book that doesn’t look like a poetry book. It’s a novel that doesn’t look like a novel. It’s a story that doesn’t look like a story. It’s a film that doesn’t look like a film. It’s a song that doesn’t sound out loud.

Rock and roll makes you pay attention. It reveals ghosts. It reveals ghost towns.

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