February deal on LFS and Chinese Whispers pack

Ubutique is offering the Lady from Shanghai CD and Chinese Whispers for a special price during February – £14.99 for the UK & EU, $21.99 to the rest of the world. Vinyl deal also available.

“…shot through with dark humour and the kind of obtuse wisdom that reveals that parallel lines DO intersect.” Deaddad, Goodreads review

“In a manner somewhat akin to John Cage’s writings, Thomas hammers down some outlying fenceposts, and provokes you to figure out your own position in relation to these.” David D. McIntire (Words about Music)

“Thomas also touches upon essential influences for Pere Ubu (the Lessons in Mayhem section is particularly fascinating), important philosophical underpinnings of the band, drumming/drummers, poetry vs. lyrics, rules vs. breaking rules, along with incredibly detailed descriptions of all aspects of Shanghai.” Mark Pino