Milan Performance

Have you heard the news yet via Twitter? There is to be a book released in conjunction with Pere Ubu’s new album, ‘Lady from Shanghai’ early in 2013. We’ll bring you more details when they are confirmed but in the meantime, this blog will be expanding to accommodate the new title! Amazon now has stock of the Book of Hieroglyphs but if you still want the best deal, it is over at Ubutique.

A new date for anyone in Milan…

David Thomas will be reading from The Book of Hieroglyphs at F38F in Milan, 9th November, 2012. There will also be a screening of ZZYZX! The full details can be seen on the Garage Calendar or over at their facebook page. Here is what they have to say:

Lost in Transition: a series of meetings between poetry, cinema, literature and photography. In Milan.
For the first time the photo studio F38F-Famigliatrentottofotografi opens its doors to the public and is transformed into the contemporary art platform, live performances of poetry and music, film, video, literature, photography and design, with Lost in Transition, a series of events from monthly that will liven up weekends until Milan Salone del Mobile with interdisciplinary meetings and undisciplined.
At the start Friday, 9 November at 19.00 presentation of the book But no one ever! by Gabriele Perretta, archaeologist of modernity and medial theory thinker, will talk about the philosopher and writer Paul Nardon: a reflection on media power in daily life, through a critical reading of the means of communication of the new media.
Thereafter, screening of the film ZZYZX, a trip on the road to images in American deserts, bearing the title of legendary, the last place on Earth. The film is by Francesco di Loreto, photographer, filmmaker and founding member of F38F and takes advantage of the spoken words of American musician famous worldwide, David Thomas, founding member of Pere Ubu, one of the most important new wave band in the international music scene and historic musical band “avant garage”. The video will be accompanied by the presentation of the first edition of the Book of F38F, with images of raids into the lands of the traversal.
Finally, the journalist and music critic Bryan Gentile, introduces and presents the legendary figure of David Thomas of Pere Ubu and, before the special live performances and spoken words of David Thomas. Saturday 10, room for cult shorts from 18.00, with Videos of Plunders Salvo Cuccia, Director casacalma, who works at the boundary between video art, fiction and new forms of documentary, award-winning in Italy and already present at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. And again Dec. 14. 2010 (1 Sequences), video directed by Julian Laportella on texts by Gabriele Perretta, telling a rally in the streets, with its historical and political implications.By Chase you back to literature, with the writer Marina Mander that presents the book Biennial of Gabriele Perretta Framing, a stinging reflection on the communication that it creates around macro international art events such as the Biennale or Documenta. Both books are published by Perretta’s Whisks editions. Of new music with the performance of Metropolis Low Budget Orchestra semi-acoustic version.
Finally, ends the first chapter of Lost in Transition, presented by Enzo Kind on musical figure of Frank Zappa and the screening of the documentary film by Salvo Cuccia 1982.

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