Paperback Book of Hieroglyphs Launched at Cafe Oto

A fantastic afternoon at the Cafe Oto for the launch of the paperback version of The Book of Hieroglyphs. David Thomas performed some of the poems and read from the ‘Read This First’ section of the book, with some anecdotes in between. His vocal objections to his assistant’s call for a Question and Answer session had the audience laughing and complying to his request, before copies were purchased and signed, with drawings and dedications to the lucky recipients.

Please check back very soon for the online link for purchasing the paperback – it should be available before the end of the month, both at http://ubuprojex.net and on Amazon. In the meantime you can still purchase the hardback copy over at http://ubuprojex.net

One thought on “Paperback Book of Hieroglyphs Launched at Cafe Oto

  1. And, we the audience shamefacedly slient when we couldn’t answer Mr Thomas’s questions! Could have carried on sitting there for hours listening to the performances (‘reading’ doesn’t do the experience justice).

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