Report back on the Preview Performance!

Well, they said it would be the greatest show on Earth. Okay, okay, we know most were talking about the Olympics Opening Ceremony but certainly everyone who attended the Preview Performance of the Book of Hieroglyphs would say that it was a poor comparison…
Mr Thomas gave an hour long performance in the beautifully relaxed environment of the Coachhouse. Those that could not find a seat inside, listened through the huge barn doors and enjoyed a beer from the wheelbarrow bar. No-one really knew what to expect but we should have all realised that when Mr Thomas promises a performance, he means that there WILL be Performance, setting this apart from the run-of-the-mill book signing with the author sitting in an armchair reading page after page to muted applause.
David Thomas brought the poems and prose pieces to life – sometimes with song and the accompaniment of the accordion – interspersed with anecdotes and tales of the ‘road trip’ that is documented through the Book.

Mr. Thomas signed copies after the performance and chatted to various members of the audience. Some had travelled a long way to be there that night and all, without exception, agreed that it had been a fantastic experience. We would like to thank the host for the evening, Sara-Jane Glendinning

Well… the next performance is the launch of The Book of Hieroglyphs at the Café Oto in London on the 15th September. Entry to this event is free and full details are over in the sidebar.
You are welcome to bring any pre-purchased copies of the book along for signing. For those still waiting to buy, please remember that the Hardback copy is a Limited Edition for a limited period, so don’t delay!

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