Back to Back

Just before the preview performance of ‘The Book of Hieroglyphs’ in Brighton this coming Friday (see here for details), it is announced that the hardback cover of the book is to be kept exclusive to Ubutique. As promised, this will be a limited edition in lieu of the paperback coming out later in the year. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Over on Facebook, David Thomas put out a call for a ‘poetry’ venue to launch the Book in Cleveland and received a great response. A date for that should be announced in the coming weeks. So we extend the same question to you…

You want Mr Thomas to come to your town for a performance and book signing? Then tell us which places near you would fit the bill. There are no immediate plans for a tour but if we know where you are, we will put it on the map and see how the dots join up. Drop a note on the BOH Facebook or email communex@ubuprojex.net.

Ghost Towns will be given due consideration.